Content & SEO for Multi-Vendor Plus / 4.2.x


Unique and high-quality content on your site is the key to successful SEO promotion. With the Power Blog add-on, you can post not only articles but image galleries, videos, publications about places and events tagged on maps, which will attract new visitors to the site and retain old ones. Power blog will fit any store design thanks to the Fine-tuning of the look. Tags and blog search will make navigation intuitive. Link articles to products, product categories, brands, and place blocks with articles on other pages of your site for internal crosslinking.

Image Optimization add-on improves page loading speed of the site, positively affects SEO and saves free server space without decreasing quality of images used for products, variations, blog and other CS-Cart objects.


Product Questions add-on adds an additional section with questions and answers to the product’s page. The customer will get additional information about the product if some information in the description is missing. A search through existing questions will help to find the answer if someone already asked it. Subscribing to notifications will increase the convenience and speed of receiving an answer to a question posted by a customer.

Timely replies of the administrator will increase customer loyalty, and the e-mail notifications of the new questions / answers will help to respond promptly and not skip them. Allow users to answer questions, and the product page will get more unique content for free.



Cart-Power: Images Gallery add-on allows you to add customizable image galleries to products, blogs, orders, forms, and content pages.

All galleries page and the gallery details page have their own layouts. A special image gallery block, placed on the page of your choice, will help draw the customer’s attention to a particular product.

The Power FAQ allows you to create SEO-friendly FAQs with easy navigation and search by them on the product page, a block on any store page or a separate store FAQ page. You get more trust, increase the likelihood of a sale and save time of the store administrators.

This add-on allows you to place additional links on product categories pages. You can add internal and external links, configure their images and names.

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