Cart-Power Add-ons With the Premium service

Premium Service includes:

+ installation and configuration

+ conflicts resolution with the 3-party add-ons

+ adaptation of the add-on to your theme

+ help with the upgrade of the add-on

+ technical support for the add-on

+ adaption of the add-on to the new version of CS-Cart

+ The highest priority to your add-on modification requests

Check all conditions of the Cart-Power Premium Service.


The fastest and the most feature-rich search for your online store.

The Live Search add-on is a free-of-a-monthly-fee alternative to cloud search services.

Clustering caching system provides maximum search speed in stores with a large number of products.

The search history will help to analyse the search activity in your store, add suggestions and recommendations displayed in the search results, and get rid of the zero search results.

Customizable look and feel of the Live Search will make the search simple and convenient, and your clients will see only relevant search results thanks to the fine search conditions tuning.

Cart-Power “Live Search” - Product search is easy.


Video gallery add-on allows to add videos to a store, divide them by categories and subcategories, mark with tags. Videos, attached to a product, will help you to get a customer interested, ability to comment and rate videos stimulates sharing opinions. Social sharing buttons are easily integrated into gallery. With the help of the new blocks you'll be able to display videos and categories on the needed pages of your store.

Collections add-on allows you to create various collections of goods. You can choose a cover for every collection, add the name and the description. The panel with the collection will be displayed on the product page and customers can see other products from the collection.

Configure special SEO templates and optimize metadata management. Very useful add-on for website SEO-optimization.

Our add-on allows you to change the page header for the following CS-Cart entities: products, categories, info pages, blog articles and brands. Store admin can manage the page header without changing the main title of the item.

The Automatic Generation of Alt-text and Title for Images add-on - saves the time you would spend on adding alt-and title-texts to each image of the product and category manually. The more images in your store the more time you save.

Our mini add-on allows customers to filter products by their rating and easily find ones, which have the highest user ratings.

Google recommends using the JSON-LD format to markup structured data on the pages of your site. The JSON-LD Structured Data add-on allows you to do this.

Adds Open Graph meta tags to the product, category, blog and content pages of your site.


Add One product as an option variant for another with the Product as Option add-on for CS-Cart.


With Multiple Facebook Pixels add-on you will be able to add multiple Facebook pixels in the store to track actions of your customers. It is used to measure the Ads campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

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