CS-Cart design creation

To create a CS-Cart design, one needs to understand all the details and specifics of this platform. Process of creating a design consists of these steps:

1. Making a prototype.

This step includes positioning of elements on future design layouts. Prototyping is key to sucessful design creation.

2. Making design layouts.

On the basis of developed prototypes new design layouts are being created. This steps includes taking into account pecularities of a project and developing required layouts for various platforms (smartphones, tablets, monitors). Color scheme and style are being defined according to a form we ask you to fill in. 

3. Animated part.

This step includes figuring out how exactly would banners behave: how would a menu collapse, how would a banner animate when the slider changes, etc.

4. Smart desing integration.

Smart design integration means finding an optimal choice for integration types and combining them. There are numerous methods of integration: static, adaptive, responsive. We choose them carefully.

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