CS-Cart Design Creation

To create a CS-Cart design, you need to understand all the details and specifics of this platform. Process of creating a design consists of these steps:

1. Making a Prototype.

At this stage, the arrangement of elements on future design layouts is being worked out. Prototyping is the key to successful design creation.

2. Creating Design Layouts.

Based on the developed prototypes, design layouts are created. At this stage, we take into account the specifics of the project and develop the necessary layouts for different devices (mobile phones, tablets, monitors). The color scheme and stylistic preferences are determined based on the brief that we ask you to fill out.

3. The Animation Part.

At this stage we figure out how the elements will behave when interacting with the client: how would a menu collapse, how the banner will be animated when changing in the slider, etc.

4. Smart Desing Integration.

Smart design integration implies the optimal choice of integration methods and their combination. There are various integration methods static, adaptive, responsive. We choose them carefully.

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