CS-Cart free add-ons for Multi-Vendor / 3.0.x

TheGoogle reCAPTCHA add-on replaces your default CS-Cart captcha with Google reCAPTCHA. This solution is based on one of the latest Google technologies to protect websites from bots and spammers.


The Automatic Cart Recalculate add-on for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor enables automatic recalculation of the cart's total cost with AJAX without clicking the Recalculate button. Now you can simply enter the number of products or change options, and all the prices will be recalculated automatically.


Спасибо разработчикам за их труд. На последнюю у CS редакцию Community тут нашел. Чистый код. Еще раз респект)
полезный сайт буду пробовать модули
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