CS-Cart payment integration

The essential feature of any online shop is a system of payment methods. That is why we would be glad to help you with it. Thus, we offer the following options:

Payment module basic integration

Today more than 70 online payment gateways are integrated in CS­-Cart, but sometimes it is still not enough. We are ready to integrate the needed payment system into CS-Cart platform. The minimal service fee is USD 300 and it varies depending on the complexity of the work to be done. Generally the only thing needed for integration is a payment system's site URL. We'll contact technical support of the service and get all the required information. But you'll help us greatly with evaluation if you provide us with this info:

  • your store CS­-Cart version
  • manual(s) for the integration of a requested payment module (usually available at a payment system's site)
  • test account and/or test data to test the work of the payment module

Payment system expansion

Some payment gateways may offer additional services like recurring billing service or refund feature, etc. We'll be glad to help you integrate them.

Payment system upgrade

If you need to upgrade your payment system and adapt it for more recent CS-Cart versions, for instance, from 2.x.x. up to 3.х.х. or from 3.х.х. up to 4.х.х., we'll be glad to help. We'll need folowing info for quality service:

  • installation package of the working payment system module
  • the version of the payment module or the default module name
  • the version of your CS­-Cart platform where the payment module is to be installed
  • test account and for testing the work of the payment module
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