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eCommerce and eTrading terms

In this section, you can find the descriptions of the most frequently used terms and phrases related to e-Commerce in general and CS-Cart in particular
Meta-data represent the information about web-page content. This information is used by search systems and search bots during the indexation. After that, the meta-data of the page is used when the lists with search results are generated for users. Meta-data include lots of information
The theme  determines the appearance of your e-store including  coloring, block positions, fonts, icons, e-mail templates. Each type of the mentioned elements is described in the separate files. The color decoration is specified in the .css files, block positions are described
Anti-bot (CAPTCHA) is the special mechanism to protect your store from the spam bots, for example, to avoid placing inappropriate advertisement reviews, creating invalid personal accounts, placing orders, etc. The default CS-Cart platform uses the special form to input the  alphanumeric


SSL  is the special cryptographic  technology to protect the connection between browser and website (web-server to be precise). The usual nonsecure connections use HTTP,  while the secure connections are marked with HTTPS. The web server used for e-store must have this technology
Cron Jobs ( Cron, Cron Tabs ) is the special tool on the server that helps to initiate different processes on schedule. For example, cache clearing every hour, database backup every night, etc. These commands are set up in the special table on the server or in the cpanel in the
Actually, CS-Cart hooks are just the special places in the code where the developers are able to add any additional code with no influence or damaging some core platform codes.  CS-Cart structure has in mind hooks  usage to modify, enhance or limit the functionality. As
CS-Cart add-on (or CS-Cart module )  is the special addition that enables the specific functionality in the e-shop based on CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor. For example, placing graphic banners and leaving reviews about products are realized via the built-in add-ons. The default platform has
CS-Cart is the special system to control and manage the e-store. By default, it contains the  minimum set of  tools required for the correct work of an online shop. For example, for an administrator, it is an ability to create / classify / describe products or an ability to set up
Online shipping method is any shipping method set up in the store and using the third-party shipping calculators, e.g. UPS , SPSR Express, DHL, etc. to estimate the shipping costs. When the administrator creates manual shipping method, he/she has to set up the price of delivery for each place
The Payment System  is the online-service for remittance of money or any other units used instead of money, e.g., bonus points, exchange items, etc. This service has the special software and hardware for safe, smooth and trouble-free operation. The payment system is working under
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