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Hello, my name is Leonid Koshcheev.  I’ve got interested in web-development since high school and this sphere has always attracted me.

It's been a long time since then and I managed to get solid experience working in several IT-companies. At last I set up my own one - Cart-Power.

This company wouldn’t exist without Cart-Power technical director Ruslan Khanbikov, my associate. We’ve met at University, and some years later after graduation we’ve got together and decided to move in one direction.

In 2014 we decided to open the web-store of turnkey solutions for e-commerce system CS-Cart. We were aware of the fact that the market needed turnkey solutions and started gradually uploading them for sale.

At that point of time CS-Cart MarketPlace was only starting up and there wasn’t such a competition as there’s now. Since then we’ve overcome many difficulties starting from the questions of difficulty with controlling so many products and finishing with Ddos-attacks and tampering attempts.

But we’ve overcome everything and continue doing what we love to do. Now we’re selling more than 80 modules and there are more than 50 reviews about us on CS-Cart MarketPlace and yet more reviews about our products.

We’re very scrupulous about development and product placing. Every module has its own separate topic for discussion on CS-Cart forum where any user may vent one's opinion or request for future developments. There’s an online demo for every module where you can test product functionality.

We have the web-store ourselves and we know what other web-stores need. Besides we are constantly upgrading our competence and doing our best to share our experience and knowledge to other people.

We work hard to establish long-term relations of partnership with our customers. We truly want our products to contribute to your success, that’s why we do everything to provide them with necessary functionality and high quality which is straight connected with a quality of technical support for our products.

We hope that you also will find something useful on our web-store!


We are customers of Cart Power since we started working with CS Cart back in 2014 and at first we purchased a few addons an later the Graceful theme license. Working with their addons and the theme has pleased us and our customers very much.

Graceful theme is one of the very best CS Cart themes out here and Ruslan and Leonid provide excellent service even after purchasing their products.

Need a theme and or great addons to enrich your CS Cart experience ? Shope here at Cart Power
Great work by cart-power team.
Such a nice add on which really useful. Well tested, well implemented and well organised add-ons.
Thanks its really Helpful to me.
Great Add ons. Probably the best i've seen
We had a special request to make our shop more user-friendly.
Andrey and his team has done all for us, very professional and very fast.
I would especially commend the very good communication and a willingness to help in all cases.
We bought also a Live search add on, which operates more than excellent.
If you need a team of professionals and want more from cs-cart shop, I highly recommend that you contact the Cart-power.
Thank you again
Purchased the Live Search add on for our CScart. Ran into issues with installing, because our theme is so custom. Contacted support immediately and got support instantly!!

Ruslan (the support tech) was able to get the add on working very quickly. Great customer service! Great tech support! and a Great product!

We are very pleased with the performance of Live Search, far better than Searchanise which we used prior to this installation.

Thank you to Ruslan and the entire Cart Power team!
This is great that such excellent companies appear on the market able to compete with other developers. I’m looking forward to new add-ons!
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