Refund policy

This document contains information how the client can get money refund in case he isn’t satisfied with service quality or any other reasons. The client makes commitments to read this document before payment of any product or service on the Resource of the company.

CS-Cart Software

According to CS-Cart Russia legal mention and Legal mention of CS-Cart international products products and services purchased with discount are beyond refund.

Custom project

In case the project was paid by the Client refund amount of money depends on the implementation phase where the project is.

If the project wasn’t handed over to a developer:

In this case refund may consist from 75% to the full amount of payment. 25% are deducted for covering of expenses connected with different payment services, service fees as well as compensation of manager’s work on evaluating the project.

If the project was handed over to a developer:

In this case maximum possible refund amount of money will be evaluated by specialists taking part in the project. This sum can’t be more than 75% from total sum of payment.

Cart-Power software

The Client can get refund during 30 calendar days after purchasing Cart-Power Software. The Client has right for refund for only first license of product specific. For example if the Client has purchased license on the use of software and after 30 calendar days he has bought another one on the same software but for another domain, then the Client doesn’t have the right to get refund for this license. This is because the Client has already had possibility to test Cart-Power software. Refund isn’t made in case the Client has purchased Cart-Power software with discount.

How to request for refund

In order to make a request for refund the Client needs to send request on Company’s e-mail In your request please write the number and type of the documents evidencing the fact of order for which the Client wants to get refund. The Client also should specify the reason of requesting refund. The Client will get the reply with the decision about refund on e-mail during 1-2 working days.

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