Technical Support Policy

We do understand that Cart-Power group of companies software as well as CS-Cart software are complicated programs which are not easy to configure. That is the reason we make a detailed documentation for our products. Besides, each our product has a separate discussion thread on CS-Cart forum where the client can ask for free help.

If these sources of information are not enough you can use Cart-Power technical support services.

Cart-Power technical support serves should help our clients with solving different types of questions. Please, note that  there are categories of questions which are beyond technical support service competence. Such kind of questions can be referred to Cart-Power department of custom development.

Errors in Cart-Power Add-ons which are Fixed for Free

There are categories of errors which Cart-Power fixes for free. These errors are connected with:

  • Store security.

  • Cart-Power software compatibility to each other.

Cart-Power is not in charge of software compatibility with third-party add-ons and modifications.

How to Get Technical Support

Technical support is available through Cart-Power HelpDesk system only. Technical support is not available on skype or by phone.

What Time is Technical Support Rendered

Technical support is rendered in Cart-Power working hours.

How is the Technical Support Work Priced

In customer’s help desk system you can see your balance of technical support credits. You can purchase the support credits if need be. Please, request an invoice by e-mailing us: Please note that the technical support specialist will be able to answer your questions which is potentially priced at credits only if your balance has enough amount of credits.

Every request to technical support department is priced at credits. Amount of credit required to answer depends on question category.

There the following categories of questions:

  • Explanation of software standard functionality setting. Priced at 5 credits.

  • Questions connected with the wrong setting of software functionality. Standard functionality setting by a technical support specialist. Consultations on architecture and software changes. Priced at 10 credits.

  • Installation of Cart-Power theme or add-on. Priced at 20 credits.
  • Studying of problems connected with server settings, code changes and wrong data in database. Priced at 20 credits.

  • Complicated modifications are priced by a technical support specialist on his own and is agreed with a client. Pricing starts from 20 credits. In case problem solution by a technical support specialist is impossible, it is referred in the department of custom development.

  • Updating Cart-Power add-ons. Priced at 40 credits. Please note that an active update subscription is required.

  • Updating Cart-Power themes. Priced at 100 credits. Please note that for this it is needed to have active updated subscribing.
  • Store update within two patch-versions without third-party solutions (add-ons, themes, modifications). Priced at 20 credits. Each next update is priced at 5 credits. For example, update from 4.4.1 to 4.4.4 is priced at 25 credits

While answering your request the technical support specialist will price the answer at credits and this amount of credits will be taken from your balance.

In case you need to learn the request price before processing it, then first write note to a specialist. In this case the request price can be increased depending on time required for its preliminary pricing. Technical support specialist may change the price if in the process of studying of a problem new details appeared and problem solution required more time.

Credit Pricing and Buying

Technical support credits are sold in packages. You can purchase them on by contacting Cart-Power team on the following page.

Price of technical support credits packages:

80 credits - USD 90
160 credits - USD 180
320 credits - USD 360
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