Catalog Management for Multi-Vendor Plus / 4.3.x


The add-on allows to display the table with all the variants of a specific option (parameter) and the customer will be able to buy the product as a full set.

The Hide Products Without Images add-on allows you to exclude products without images from search results and product categories on the storefront and the administrator to find such products in the admin panel easily and fix the problem.

The "Unit Price" add-on shows the cost per certain volume of product (e.g. kg, m2, 100 ml). The administrator specifies the required unit, its cost and the volume of packaging of the goods. The add-on will do all the calculations and show the customer's benefit from buying a larger volume of goods on the product page.

Additional Option Images add-on is the simplest and easy-to-use solution to improve the appearance of the default options in CS-Cart. With the help of this add-on admin is able to add an unlimited number of images for product options.

Collections add-on allows you to create various collections of goods. You can choose a cover for every collection, add the name and the description. The panel with the collection will be displayed on the product page and customers can see other products from the collection.

This add-on allows you to improve the site navigation via updated catalog and menus pages. You can configure their content in the add-on settings or using the special live editing mode.

Product as Option add-on is a powerful cross-sell tool. Offer related products from other categories to the base product as an option or combine separate products from your store in a set with the ability to choose other products from the set options. No trouble with the sales reports and correct inventory tracking for products sold as options.

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