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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Save USD 200 and get the special bonus - 5 Cart-Power add-ons for free while purchasing the Multi-Vendor license in our store.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor creates the common marketplace where several sellers can retail their products. Every seller called Vendor has his/her own storefront and administration panel.

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General features:

  • Various vendors, one store

    Products from various independent vendors are situated in the common catalogue therefore the shoppers are going to make purchases in on web-store even if your products are supplied by different suppliers from all over the world.
  • Unrestricted amount of vendors accounts

    It’s not important how many independent suppliers are selling theirs products in your store: two or two hundred. An amount of accounts is not restricted and you can enlarge your business without any logical bounds.
  • Products from various vendors in one order

    You customers can place the products from various suppliers in their cart and these products will be included in the one order and paid as one purchase. Aiming to convenience of maintaining the order will be automatically divided into several parts depending on an amount of the purchased goods – one order for each supplier.
  • Separate administration panel for each vendor

    Each supplier is provided with the separate administration panel for managing his settings and products. Suppliers don’t interfere with each other’s work.
  • General payment processing

    Payment is transferred to the account of the store owner who thereafter distribute them among suppliers according to the order history which is monitored and managed separately for each supplier.
  • Main administrator for store managing

    Main administrator has all access rights to the settings and products which suppliers are selling. Also you can entirely control the process of products placement in the catalog and moderate your suppliers actions if necessary.
  • Recording of pay-offs to suppliers

    Multi-Vendor keeps track of each supplier separately. Your accounting is in order as all pay-offs to your suppliers are already taken into consideration.
  • Individual methods of shipping for vendors

    Each supplier can customize his own methods of shipping and the shoppers whose carts include products of various suppliers can choose this method when ordering.


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