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(March 23, 2018)
Blogging and posting new materials are very important options for any website. Administrators often need to share useful information which will be interesting for clients. The Power Blog add-on is created with the aim to put the above-described into action i.e. it allows to create blogs in a CS-Cart based store. We recommend you to see the video tutorial that we have prepared for this add-on.

NOTE: The list of features below is actual only for the latest version. Power Blog add-on for v4.3.x is a completely new add-on and all data from previous versions should be transferred manually. If you need help with data transfer (categories and articles), please contact us.

Themes: CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Supported versions: 4.9.x 4.8.х 4.7.x 4.6.x 4.5.x 4.4.x 4.3.x 4.2.x 4.1.x 4.0.x

General features:

  • ability to separate the blog content for different storefronts;
  • ability to create different categories of articles;
  • ability to choose Grid, List, Large list and new Simplified masonry template for articles list pages with a great amount of settings for each type of list;
  • ability to set any icon to the category from the icons list (this icon will be displayed in the Blog categories block)
  • ability to choose several categories for an article;
  • ability to show Power Blog categories and articles only to specific user groups;
  • full integration with the default CS-Cart Comments and reviews add-on;
  • ability to set tags for articles (integrated with the default CS-Cart Tags add-on);
  • ability to search by tags and to list related products by tags on the article page;
  • ability to list related articles by tags on the product page;
  • ability to set article type from the following: Regular article, Video, Audio, Image, Gallery, Quote and make a search by type of the article;
  • 5 blocks for Blog management: Blog categories, Blog articles list, Blog archive, Blog search, Blog subscriptions;
  • the ability to set blog articles list fillings as Manually, Latest, Random, By tags, Product's article;
  • ability to subscribe to the blog and receive blog posts via mail, with an ability to unsubscribe;
  • ability to export blog subscribers to the Newsletters add-on subscribers into any list you need;
  • ability to add the blog articles and categories into Google sitemap.xml (integrated with the default CS-Cart Google sitemap add-on);
  • automatic generation of the Meta Description and Meta Keywords for Blog categories and articles;
  • separate section for Power Blog categories in the sitemap;
  • integrated Rich Snippets and FB open graph markup;
  • automatic link of the publisher to Google Author (Rich Snippets tested);
  • ability to use the availability period for the articles;
  • ability to enable Social share buttons for each article separately;
  • ability to use custom Social buttons from www.addthis.com;
  • ability to comment each article;
  • SEO-friendly, ability to set manually Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Page title, H2 header and H3 header for each Power Blog article and category;
  • ability to assign products directly to the article and display it in the special block / tab on the detailed product page;
  • ability to display assigned products on the article page;
  • ability to create meta-data automatically;
  • built-in Power Blog content search functionality;
  • ability to use images from the article content as the main article image;
  • ability to use "Cart-Power: Images Gallery" add-on to attach images;
  • ability for vendors to place articles in the store blog; 
  • ability for administrators to apply vendor's articles in the blog.


We will add the additional information to our manual. Thank you for your advice.

As for upgrade you can contact our team via sales@cart-power.com in order not to loose the content of your blog.

Best regards,
Hello, Cart-POWER!
Your addon is very good, but i need to upgrade my CS-CART.
How to fully remove your addon from my CS-CART?

I think you have to write this usefull skill into your user manual!

> Есть глюки у модуля. Или у нас руки кривые. Как с вами связаться? Писали на sales@cart-power.com. Ни ответа ни привета.

Пожалуйста, позвоните по телефону 8-800-301-33-03 для решения данной ситуации.
Dear Bang,

> I do not see show blog article at front -end ...

Please, send us email to sales@cart-power.com and we will help you.
When is the version compatible with cs-cart 4.3.1 available? Do you have a date?

Power Blog add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and MV 4.3.x already.
I have been using this addon for a long time. I am very pleased with it. I think it is the best product in the Cs-cart blog category. Technical support is very good. Thank you.
I do not see show blog article at front -end ...
Есть глюки у модуля. Или у нас руки кривые. Как с вами связаться? Писали на sales@cart-power.com. Ни ответа ни привета.

Yes, it will be compatible. We are working on upgrade and it will be ready next week.

Thank you.
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