CS-Cart Transfer

The CS­-Cart transfer service is transfer of the whole store or the store database from one server to another. This process can be quite complicated and take a lot of time, if the store, for example, uses a lot of images or the store database is large enough. The total size can be more than 1Gb, which can also take quite a lot of time to transfer. We offer you the services of our experienced engineers, guaranteeing safe data transfer and correct store operation after the transfer.

To complete the transfer, we need the following data:

  • FTP URL to load files
  • HTTP & HTTPS URLs to your store and to new location
  • FTP username & password
  • MySQL hostname
  • MySQL username & password
  • MySQL database name

Besides, it would be grate if you provide us with SSH access or access to the control panel of your site (cPanel).

The price for this service and the time period may vary due to the complexity of the work to be done and the size of the store database.

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