For Marketplaces for Multi-Vendor Plus / 4.13.x

The Profile Types for Users & Vendors add-on allows you to create several profile types for users and vendors. You can configure a set of profile fields for each profile type. Users will see them on registration and checkout pages. Also you can choose a user group to assign users after the registration. For vendors, the availability of vendor plans is configured depending on the type of vendor profile.


This add-on will help to manage the internal document flow of the marketplace: create and publish the agreements that should be signed or accepted by vendors. Documents can be considered approved or declined automatically within a set period of time. It keeps previous versions of the document if any changes made in it as well as a detailed document activity log where vendor actions with the documents are recorded.


Allows you to create knowledge bases for staff in the admin panel. You can post all the necessary information in them: instructions, regulations, explanations, answers to frequently asked questions, links to any sources.

This addon hides customer contact information (Email and Phone number) from vendor.


Adds the ability to set a minimum order amount for each vendor on the marketplace. 

The client will not be able to place an order while the amount of the vendor's products in the cart is below the set value. 

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