Extended Email marketing

Extended Email Marketing

Extended Email-Marketing add-on includes all features, required for successful email-marketing. Use placeholders to configure notification templates for abandoned carts, wishlists, viewed products, events, products review requests. Add promo codes to the notification templates and track stats of each notification and used promo codes. 
Enter the comma separated URLs of the storefronts where this product will be used.
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The update period determines the period of time when you can get access to the new versions of this add-on compatible with the new versions of CS-Cart software released during the chosen period.
To instal the add-on, we will need the FTP access to your server. Please send it along with the order number to sales@cart-power.com once the order is paid.

Why use email-marketing in your store?

Among the available customer engagement tools email-marketing is one of the most effective for increasing sales. It doesn’t require much time and money, most of the work is done automatically.

Extended Email-Marketing add-on includes all the features, required for successful email-marketing:

Converts visitors to customers

Abandoned cart notifications help to return customers, if they add products to cart, but leave the site without checking out. Customer receives an email with a notification about an incomplete order. In this mail clients will see products they wanted to buy and will be able to get to the cart page with a single click to finish the order.

Returns visitors to the site

Wishlist notifications and viewed products notifications remind clients about products in wishlist and recently viewed products.

The add-on allows you to set event notifications (user sign up, birthday, subscribing, first purchase, no user activity, review posted, filling out a form). You can send an email with a special offer on a birthday or reactivate clients who were not active for some period.

Works with audience

Creating audience notifications, you can easily find the site target audience and export its data into csv. or custom mailing list. User segmentation feature allows you to send personal offers.

Stimulates sales using the promo codes and reward points

The add-on allows you to add promo codes to notifications automatically and see the statistics on the promo codes usage at a separate page. You can also add or subtract a certain amount of bonus points in each notification with the reason for the Reward points log.

Tracks stats

You can add pixels into notifications to track stats on site visits, number of reviews, orders and returns. This way you are able to analyze your emails' efficiency.

Generates more reviews 

Configure custom review notification and the add-on will send messages with product or store review requests to your customers automatically.


Add-on Features:

  • Fast configuration of the notification templates using the placeholders;

  • Ability to add and use custom placeholders in notifications;

  • Abandoned cart notifications;

  • Ability to take into account the cart total when sending the abandoned cart notifications;

  • Wishlist notifications;

  • Viewed products notifications;

  • First purchase notifications;

  • Ability to request a review on the purchased products, store, or vendor;

  • Ability to notify users with no order activity during a certain period;

  • Ability to notify users with no activity (no logging into personal account) during a certain period;

  • Ability to send personalized offers on birthday, signing up, first purchase, filling out a form, etc.;

  • Ability to attach promo codes to emails, using promo offers;

  • Ability to track stats on used promo codes;

  • Ability to add and deduct the reward points on sending a notification.

  • Ability to configure notification sending delay;

  • CRON automation;

  • Different variants for sending add-on email notifications (via SMTP server / php mail function / default settings);

  • Ability to segment clients by various groups - audiences, using information about the purchased or viewed products as the main tool;

  • Ability to save and further use the set conditions for the selection of an audience for the mailing;

  • Ability to export audiences into a .csv;

  • Ability to track general statistics on site visits, number of reviews, purchases, and returns, or separate statistics on each notification type;

  • Ability to add UTM tags to all links in the message body;

  • Ability to limit the send trigger period (if the event happened before the specified date, the notification will not be sent);

  • Ability to view information about sent notifications on the user profile page;

  • Ability to view information about sent order notifications on the order page;

  • Ability to unsubscribe from notifications;

  • Ability to view the queue of sending a specific notification with the ability to search through it;

  • Ability to cancel sending a notification to a specific user from the sending queue;

  • The administrator's ability to manage the notifications of the subscribers, who also have the ability to unsubscribe from receiving the notifications.


Learn more in add-on documentation.

Need modifications or any assistance? Please, feel free to contact us via HelpDesk system.


6 months of the free upgrade period included.

Works correctly with the popular themes YOUPI and UniTheme.

  • CS-Cart B2C
  • CS-Cart B2B
  • CS-Cart B2B & B2C
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • 4.18.x
  • 4.17.x
  • 4.16.x
  • 4.15.x
  • 4.14.x
  • 4.13.x
  • 4.12.x
  • 4.11.x
  • 4.10.x
  • Responsive
  • UniTheme
  • YOUPI Theme
Please, Contact us, if you need add-on for another version.
Hi, great to have this add-on. its provide templates for abandoned carts, wishlists, viewed products, events, products review requests. And its works perfectly with the cs-cart. You add the html emails as well.
The email marketing add-on reduced significantly the time & resources needed for us to develop a similar CRM tool. What we liked about the tool is that is built well, takes scalability into consideration. Has cron jobs that can be deployed on separate servers to manage load and not bring down the performance of our main application.
I also just added Extended Email marketing by Cart Power and it looks excellent. It is an improvement over the abandoned cart addon they make. I just upgraded to it. So what I am hoping to do is use the Newsletter feature of cscart and then use the Extended Email marketing of Cart Power. This way I do not have to disable the Newsletter feature in order to use Email marketing built into cs cart. I think this is going to increase business.
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CS-Cart/ Multi-Vendor 4.10.1 - 4.18.1
Version 1.25 from 23 May 2024
[+] - The ability to disable review requests for a specific product when using the “Product Reviews” add-on.
[!] - There are compatibility problems with CS-Cart versions lower than 4.15.1. Fixed.
[!] - Products in the notification were not aligned to the right for Arabic languages. Fixed.
[!] - There were problems when manually sending notifications about abandoned carts and exporting them. Fixed.

Version 1.24 from 18 Mar 2024
[+] - The “send from” field was added to the notification settings. The field supports the [storefront] placeholder.
[+] - Multi-Vendor Ultimate: The ability to create separate notifications for different storefronts was added.

Version 1.23 from 27 Dec 2023
[+] - The ability to export abandoned carts to a CSV file was added.
[+] - The ability to send notifications about abandoned carts manually was added.
[*] - The product_block placeholder was removed from notifications where it was not used.
[!] - Notifications on the “Review submitted” event could be re-sent. Fixed.
[!] - Promo codes for which the expiration date was not specified did not work. Fixed.
[!] - Duplication of notifications about abandoned carts could occur if several abandoned carts were created. Fixed.
[!] - Infinite notifications about viewed products could occur if an unregistered user received a notification about viewed products and then registered. Fixed.
[!] - When generating the “Product Review Request” notification in the Multi-Vendor edition, the storefront where the order was placed was not taken into account. Fixed.

Version 1.22 from 23 May 2023
[+] - The page "Queue for sending notifications" with the ability to cancel the sending of one or selected messages was added.
[+] - Notification statistics are now clickable, the link leads to the log of sent messages filtered by this notification.
[*] - The existing add-on settings were refactored.
[!] - On the installations with several storefronts, notifications could contain the logo of the main storefront.Fixed.

Version 1.21 from 07 Oct 2022
[*] - Compatibility with PHP 8.0 was added.

Version 1.20 from 30 Sep 2022
[!] - There were issues with the product and category picker in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor v. 4.15.X. Fixed.
[*] - Optimized code for working with audiences.

Version 1.19 from 27 Sep 2022
[!] - There were issues in displaying data in the sent notifications log. Fixed.

Version 1.18 from 26 Sep 2022
[+] - The ability to send a notification on the "review" event was added.
[+] - The ability to limit the send trigger period was added. If the event happened before the specified date, the notification will not be sent.
[+] - The ability to add UTM tags to all links in the message body was added.
[+] - The ability to send notifications via the php mail function, even if the store uses SMTP for sending, was added.
[+] - The ability to view the queue of sending a specific notification with the ability to search through it was added.
[+] - The ability to cancel sending a notification to a specific user from the sending queue was added.

Version 1.17 from 12 Aug 2022
[+] - The ability to view statistics for each Email notification for the selected period.

Version 1.16 from 05 Aug 2022
[*] - Export script of the audiences was optimized.
[*] - Multi-Vendor: Information on the user profile about the types of notifications that the client receives is now hidden from vendors.

Version 1.15 from 01 Jul 2022
[*] - The add-on was adapted to work with “CP: Power reviews” version 3.6

Version 1.14 from 15 Jun 2022
[!] - Minor fixes in the compatibility with the "Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments" add-on

Version 1.13 from 08 Jun 2022
[+] - The ability to take into account the cart total when sending the abandoned cart notifications was added.
[+] - A new type of action "First purchase" was added.
[+] - A log of sent notifications was added to the user profile page.
[+] - In the administration panel, on the order page, in the add-ons tab, information about the sent order notifications is displayed.
[*] - Password is now hidden in SMTP settings.
[*] - The log of the sent notifications is more informative now.
[!] - An error could occur when opening an audience. Fixed.
[!] - Notification on the event “First purchase” worked as “No order activity”. Renamed the action type “First purchase” to “No order activity”.
[!] - Notification about inactivity is sent immediately if you create an account from the administration panel. Fixed.
[!] - Review requests were not sent in some cases with variation products. Fixed.
[!] - Conflict with the add-on “Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments”. The cart content is cleared when you follow the link in the abandoned cart notification. Fixed.

Version 1.12 from 25 Jan 2022
[*] - More preconfigured notification templates were added.
[!] - There could be issues saving promo codes to the database in large stores. Fixed.
[!] - When creating an audience “By viewed products” the audience type changed to “By orders”. Fixed.

Version 1.11 from 02 Nov 2021
[+] - The ability to add and deduct the reward points on sending a notification was added.
[*] - By clicking the links from the order feedback notifications clients are automatically authorized.

Version 1.10 from 08 Jun 2021
[+] - For the administrators the ability to manage client’s subscriptions to notifications was added.
[*] - The tab for managing subscriptions to notifications is hidden in the client's personal account. Now it is available only through the direct "Unsubscribe" link in the notification.
[*] - The types of notifications on the client side were renamed.
[*] - The button “Write reviews for all products in the order” has been temporarily removed from the notification requesting order feedback.
[!] - If the order contained more than 1 product, in the order feedback notification, the links on the “Review this product” button led to the first product in the list. Fixed.

Version 1.9 from 12 Mar 2021
[!] - The abandoned cart notification was sent to the client even if the order was completed, if the client completed it after the formation of the notification sending queue. Fixed.

Version 1.8 from 25 Feb 2021
[+] - When the notification status changes to “Disabled”, all its messages are deleted from the sending queue.
[+] - The ability to set a delay between notifications of the same type to reduce the risk of duplicate notifications of the same type to the client was added.
[!] - The default reviews were displayed without rating stars. Fixed.
[!] - In the abandoned cart notification email, the layout was broken if the product had no image. Fixed.
[!] - Multi-Vendor Ultimate: abandoned cart notifications: links could lead to another storefront. Fixed.

Version 1.7 from 10 Feb 2021
[!] - An error occurred on CS-Cart versions below 4.11.5. Fixed.

Version 1.6 from 09 Feb 2021
[+] - The ability to create notifications for Power blog subscribers was added.
[+] - Notification sending queue was added.
[+] - The limit on the number of notifications sent for 1 CRON.
[!] - The add-on settings’ tooltips were displayed incorrectly in CS-Cart 4.12.x. Fixed.

Version 1.5 from 25 Dec 2020
[!] - The date of sending a notification related to the Birthday event was calculated incorrectly. Fixed.

Version 1.4 from 23 Dec 2020
[*] - CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor v. 4.12.1 support was added.
[!] - One and the same notification about recently viewed products could be sent several times. Fixed.

Version 1.3 from 08 Dec 2020
[!] - In the recently viewed products notification, the same list of products could be sent. Fixed.

Version 1.2 from 07 Dec 2020
[*] - The templates of the emails requesting product reviews were improved .
[*] - Small fixes in the layout of the page of all reviews about products from an order.

Version 1.1 from 25 Nov 2020
[+] - The ability to configure SMTP for sending messages was added.
[+] - The ability to specify email addresses for sending messages and email for “reply to”.
[+] - New option of the setting “Reviews object: No object” for collecting feedback about the order. If enabled, the notification will not contain any links to the products.
[+] - Ability to send notifications about incomplete orders with a link to the cart to complete the order.
[*] - Menu item “Orders feedback notifications” was renamed to "Orders notifications".
[*] - Separate links to product pages are sent in the product review requests.
[!] - If several notifications of the same type were configured, only the first one was sent. Fixed.

Version 1.0 from 28 Aug 2020

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Product edition:
  • CS-Cart B2C
  • CS-Cart B2B
  • CS-Cart B2B & B2C
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
Supported versions:
  • 4.18.x
  • 4.17.x
  • 4.16.x
  • 4.15.x
  • 4.14.x
  • 4.13.x
  • 4.12.x
  • 4.11.x
  • 4.10.x
Themes compatibility:
  • Responsive
  • UniTheme
  • YOUPI Theme

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