How can I pay for service/products?
Payment for products is submitted through our site store.cart-power.com. Payment for service is submitted through invoice issued by our employee. Available payment methods are described on this page.
How do I install an add-on?
You can use this manual to install an add-on yourself. If you’re unable to install it according to the manual, you can contact us for this service.  
Can I contact you by phone or via Skype?

Our clients’ communication policy is fully described at this page. Please, note that we use hd.cart-power.com support system as the main mean of communication. This allows saving logs and link to any previous message when needed. All the messages you send to sales@cart-power.com get into the system automatically. Also, all the messages sent with the system by our employees are being sent to a client’s e-mail.

Note that a contact by phone or via Skype allows solving only a limited amount of questions which is described in our communication policy.

When will my question be answered?

We process clients’ messages in an orderly fashion. The company’s regulations order our employee to respond to a client within 1-2 workdays. Usually a response to a client’s message takes one workday. We may respond to a client several times in a single day if the situation requires. If you sent us an e-mail and it hasn’t been answered within two workdays, you should make sure that it got into our hd.cart-power.com system. To do so, you must log into the system using your e-mail as a login. An account has been made for you automatically as soon as you’ve sent a message to sales@cart-power.com. If you do not know your password, you can restore it by using this page.

How can I get technical support?

Technical support in our company is provided according to a credit system. Details of pricing and classification of questions, concerning technical support, are described at our providing with technical support policy page. Please, note that we do not provide technical support by phone, via Skype or through chat on our site. If you are in need of a project’s support or discussion, instructions for working with the system, tweaking software in real-time, you can get such service according to terms of dedicated online developer.

Where can I download a purchased product?

To download a product package you need to visit the site store.cart-power.com log into the system, go to the page of an order details and press “Download” button near a title of a purchased product. Besides, the list of all available add-ons’ archives is available at “Downloads” section in your account on our site.

Where can I find the license?

The license for Cart-Power products is available at an order details page on store.cart-power.com site. The license for CS-Cart product is sent to you by our employee with e-mail within 1-2 workdays after purchase. License for Alexbranding products is mailed in 1-2 days.

Can I get a refund?
The refund policy is described on the following page.
The add-on/theme I’ve purchased doesn’t work. What do I do?
All our products were tested with the default version of CS-Cart platform. A theme/add-on may not work due to various reasons: wrong distribution of rights to CS-Cart files, wrong setup of an add-on/theme, conflict with third-party software, wrong configuration of a server. Testing and fixing of problems connected with functionality of our products is performed according to technical support service.
Which server do I choose for CS-Cart?

This article describes our research of CS-Cart online-stores and servers. As a result we got info on which data should a server have for optimal performance of a shop under a certain load. We recommend all our clients to read it.  


If we speak about default CS-Cart 4.4.x and take into account that loading of a page for 2-3 seconds is a satisfying result:

  • for 12 users working at the same time a single-core 2.4 Ghz server, 1024 Mb RAM would be sufficient.

  • 45 users working at the same time require a quad-core 2.8 Ghz server, 8 Gb RAM would be more than enough.


Thus, to set up a server you need to: 

  • Determine maximum number of users at the same time on your site.

  • Determine maximum number of simultaneous actions such as, for instance, making an order.

  • Determine how often and how much changes to an online-store’s catalogue would be made.

  • Determine how often synchronization with other services would be performed.

  • Determine how often backups would be made.


You should have a functioning online-store to understand how its’ work affects the server. With this info and the results of the research in our article you can determine requirements for your server.

Can payment be split into two parts?
With projects that cost under USD 1000 we work only after full pre-payment is made. If a project can be split into stages, we can accept payment before each stage. This way it will be split into several parts.
Do you work with value-added tax?
No, we work with simplified tax system.
Do you have closing documents?
As closing documents we provide work acceptance certificate. To get closing documents, send us an e-mail to sales@cart-power.com with the info on the bill, which you payed for. 
How do I get a discount on an add-on?
Contact sales@cart-power.com to get info about active special deals and discounts.
I have a discount coupon, I haven't used it, can I use it now?
If the period of the coupon has expired, you can no longer use it.
I’ve bought a license from you and have chosen free add-ons which don’t suit me. Can I exchange them?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible. To test functionality of add-ons there are demo-versions with detailed descriptions on our site.

Where can I find the manual for an add-on?
A manual for an add-on is available with the link on a product’s details page. Manuals for all our products are stored on Google and are available here. Manuals for add-ons are being updated constantly. If you didn't manage to find a manual for a certain add-on, contact us at sales@cart-power.com
How much does it cost to create an online-shop?
The price of creating an online-shop may vary. You can create an online-shop using default CS-Cart engine and it’ll cost you $345 (not including the cost of server tweaking). You can use our CS-Cart + Power Pack solution for $1145 (not including the cost of server tweaking) which allows you to use a great variety of add-ons and to choose any theme from our store. Alternatively, you can order unique design and additional features development from us. In this case the price will depend on your requirements. We offer different solutions and help our clients to find the best option depending on their budget. To get further info or a commercial offer, describe your project in as much details as possible and mail your request to us at sales@cart-power.com
I can’t log into my account.
Our company has several sites where our clients have accounts: hd.cart-power.com and store.cart-power.com  Note that the accounts are not synchronized and you won’t be able to log into hd.cart-power.com using store.cart-power.com account. If you forget your password, you can recover it using a recovery form on a corresponding site.
Can I change domain name after buying a product?

Yes, you can change your domain name to redeem license of CS-Cart and Cart-Power products, but it can be done only twice per single license. If you use a temporary domain, buy a product using your temporary data, then send an e-mail to sales@cart-power.com with a request to change your domain.

Why can't I download the latest version of a product?
Your subscription period to updates for this product has expired. You need to extend it. To do so, navigate to order's page, then to license renewal tab and renew your subscription for a needed period.
Can I buy additional product for another storefront, If I've already bought it for the first one?
Yes, it is possible, if update period is still active. In this case, you'll pay the difference in price according to a bill, which is mailed to you on request. If update period has expired, the purchase is payed for fully.
Чем отличается русская сборка от международной и как обновиться?
Вы можете узнать об отличиях Русской версии CS-Cart от Международной, а также о том как обновить CS-Cart до русской сборки в этой статье.
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