Power FAQ

(May 23, 2016)

It is vitally important to answer  your customers' questions. You can hire some people to answer the same type questions by phone or e-mail. But it is much easier to create the special FAQ page in your store. The Power FAQ add-on enables such pages creation.

In addition to usual FAQ pages, the Power FAQ module adds an opportunity to use more than 600 Font Awesome icons for the sections and questions. The icons help to differentiate sections and answers. 

Themes: CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Supported versions: 4.9.x 4.8.х 4.7.x 4.6.x 4.5.x 4.4.x 4.3.x 4.2.x

General features:

  • separate page in the storefront with FAQ content;
  • the additional FAQ tab on the detailed product page in the administration panel and in the storefront;
  • ability to create unique or choose existing sections and articles on the product page;
  • ability to display the content of FAQ sections and questions in the extended and hidden form;
  • ability to add icons to FAQ sections and questions; 
  • more than 600 FontAsome icons available;
  • built-in icons list updating system;
  • ability to set the icons by default;
  • WYSIWYG redactor for answer questions;
  • built-in FAQ search system;
  • FAQ section content preview functionality;
  • ability to use FAQ blocks to place information on any storefront page;
  • anchor system for easy navigation and page cross-passing;
  • position-based placement of FAQ sections and questions;
  • compatible with FontAwesome until 4.7.0;
  • user-friendly interface with the easy management system in the administration panel;
  • multi-language functionality;
  • updated design of the FAQ page.


Also, the navigation can be simplified via built-in FAQ search functionality and the special anchor system. The anchor links lead from any page to the specific question of FAQ page. 

The questions and sections can be also displayed in the blocks on any storefront pages. On the product page, the FAQ is available on the special tab.



 1. Use fa- class to add icons, e.g. fa-info. The icon should be displayed near the icon name field. In case it doesn't, check the icon name spelling. No blank gapes are available.  

2. Use the cp_faq_addon.faq_menu as URL when menu item creating.

3. Use this code: <a href="http://your-store.com/faq/#your_question_anchor">Displayed text</a>  in the Smarty block to create the anchor on the product page.

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