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(July 09, 2015)
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The Product currency add-on allows you to set product prices in non-basic currency in your Administration panel. We added a lot of useful practical features and potentiality to this module, for example, choosing the currency for the category. Now it is more functional and user-friendly solution.

Note: The add-on works with existing in the store currencies. It does not add new currencies to the store.

Themes: CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Supported versions: 4.8.х 4.7.x 4.6.x 4.5.x 4.4.x 4.3.x 4.2.x 4.1.x 4.0.x

Storefront demo
Admin demo
MV storefront demo
MV admin demo
MV vendor demo
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General features:

  • ability to change currency rates;
  • ability to choose currency on the product manage page;
  • ability to choose the currency for a particular product on its detailed page;
  • ability to choose the currency for a whole category on category detailed page;
  • ability to set currency rates for different storefronts;
  • ability to set currency rates for option modifiers;
  • ability to set currency rates for quantity discounts;
  • ability to export and import currency field.


The module at first glance like as works but then climbs some bugs :
1. In the options you do not specify the prices for certain categories of customers
2. When you change the category of the product , the module will change all prices in this category and you get in the category of the currency that you should default
3. If you change the exchange rate - you will need to re-save all the goods otherwise the price will remain the old .
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